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Unilevel MLM software solutions is an active product in network marketing system in present insurance business. Members are most trusted and they desire to pay to the insurance companies only, because they have getting fear to invest any insurance company, it should be trusted one. For network marketing companies, insurance is best product and anyone can rely on without getting any clarification. It has different kind of insurance MLM like House insurance, Business insurance, Personal insurance, Farm insurance etc..,

MLM plan software companies are having challenge with delivering customer friendly products and making service across various channels at the same time they consider with managing problems, maintaining compliance etc.., customer is an any insurance organization or any business has priority is to attract and make attention of many clients as possible. Usually, the customer has brought in clients through a one layer network system of sales representatives. In this growing competition in insurance service markets and to increase sales, clients are deciding to considerably increase its number of sales representatives. Insurance Agency MLM Software is easy to understand by the common people, it has payment gateway system; social media link etc..,

MLM Scripts
MLM Scripts

Parttner management

Partner Management is including user can view & edit profile, Renewal, Confirmation of Membership.
MLM Scripts

Partner tree structure

Admin can view the member tree in a "upside down" tree format. It also includes viewing information like which member has sponsored which other people and other vital details including Joining data, Product Purchase, Sponsor and parent Details etc.
MLM Scripts

commission management

Commission Management Wizard is an easy step with the provision of settings for incomes percentage & levels, Undo/Confirm Payout, and Multiple Payout Clubbing facility. Modest ways to issue commission through Bank Transfer, In E-Wallet or issuing Cheques.
MLM Scripts

CMS management

Our web based MLM software is based on a Content Management System with pages generated dynamically. The CMS allows Admin to add, modify and delete pages in the site.
MLM Scripts

User management

The system allows to regard online applications for registration in the system coming from potential users, as well as to regulate user access to the system, defining users' set of permissions (roles) for work in the system. Experience the comfort of user friendly management of our MLM Software. We had built it very much user friendly so that a non technical person can handle it like a professional.
MLM Scripts

E-pin generation

E-Pin Management that covers Create E-pin type, Generate E-Pins, Request management, Issue & Block E-pins & most important different Reports.
MLM Scripts

Mailing system

Using our Mail notification system user will receive and discuss all the internal details but is not demand of the third party commending system.
MLM Scripts

Payment management

Complete reports on the payment done to individual members are including amount, date etc. Admin can manage the transaction detail, date, product name, payment status, and date and action option etc...

Advance features

  • Pre-login registration by specifying Sponsor Username.
  • Mark members as paid/unpaid from the admin.
  • Clear Genealogy View.
  • Specify commission payable at each level of the network.
  • Regular Bonus based on the number of referrals.
  • Admin can maintain the complete details of each user.
  • View list of products.
  • View complete details of individual payout.
  • Commission can be distributed on Sale price.
  • Processed withdrawals report.
  • User friendly payout calculation.
  • Send/Cancel withdrawal request.

For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.

Domain Usage

Based on your needs you can buy any one from various license types viz., Single Domain, Multi Domain or Multi Domain With Re-seller.

Payment Type

Onetime Payment:- Once you make the full payment, we will provide you with the entire script files. You have to pay nothing thereafter.

Delivery Time

We will forward the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) and within 48 hours On Weekends(Saturday -Sunday)

Technical Support

Will provide 3 months technical support for any technical issues.

Server Requirements

Apache 2.2.x, PHP 5.0, MySQL:5.1, Javascript, Ajax ,HTML

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  • MLM Scripts

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