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Just200 crowdfunding-based MLM has a successful growth rate ultimate investment plan in the network marketing business, where user payments automatically flow to the upline instead of the admin. This membership plan guarantees increased profitability. More than 10 business plans are available, Such as Binary, Matrix, and Unilevel, but with the Just200 MLM plan, you can start earning profits quickly. Embrace the global trend of crowd-funding MLM with our cutting-edge script. Utilizing a 2x7 forced matrix plan, the system automatically fills up, allowing participants to receive unlimited donations. Seize this incredible chance for a lifetime of earning with Just200 Crowdfunding MLM Software. Join the Just200 plan today and Start your journey to success.

Just200 Crowdfunding MLM Software plan

In our 2x7 matrix plan, each level represents a stage of growth and progression within the MLM system. This plan highlights the potential for exponential growth and substantial earnings as your downline expands. By consistently upgrading and leveraging the power of the matrix, you can create a thriving MLM business and achieve significant financial success.

1st Level:

At the initial level, you join as an associate and refer two individuals to be part of your 1st downline. Each of these individuals donates Rs. 200, resulting in a total of Rs. 400 in donations. After deducting the upgrade fee of Rs. 300, you earn a profit of Rs. 100.

2nd level:

As you progress to the 2nd level, your 2nd downline begins to form. Four members from your 2nd downline upgrade their IDs by donating Rs. 300 each, which amounts to a total of Rs. 1,200. After deducting the upgrade fee of Rs. 900, you earn a profit of Rs. 300.

3rd level:

In the 3rd level, your 3rd downline starts to expand. Eight members from this downline upgrade their IDs by donating Rs. 900 each, resulting in a total of Rs. 7,200 in donations. After deducting the upgrade fee of Rs. 2,500, you earn a profit of Rs. 4,700.

4th level:

As your network grows, the 4th level brings more opportunities for earnings. Sixteen members from your 4th downline upgrade their IDs by donating Rs. 2,500 each, totalling Rs. 40,000 in donations. After deducting the upgrade fee of Rs. 20,000, you earn a profit of Rs. 20,000.

5th level:

At the 5th level, the expansion of your downline continues. Thirty-two members upgrade their IDs by donating Rs. 20,000 each, resulting in a total of Rs. 640,000 in donations. After deducting the upgrade fee of Rs. 150,000, you earn a profit of Rs. 4,90,000.

6th level:

In the final level, your 6th downline becomes more significant. Sixty-four members from this downline contribute donations of Rs. 150,000 each, accumulating to a total of Rs. 9,600,000. There is no further upgrade fee at this level, allowing you to keep the full profit of Rs. 9,600,000.

Why choose us for Just200 Script?

Fully Customizable

Our Just200 MLM script can be tailored to match your specific business needs and branding requirements, providing a unique and personalized platform

Readymade Solution

With our readymade Crowdfunding MLM script, businesses can quickly launch their platform without the need for extensive development, saving time and resources.

Mobile Responsive

Our mobile responsive Crowdfunding MLM script ensures a seamless user experience across various devices, capturing a wide range of potential donors on the go.


Our Crowdfunding MLM script offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to establish their fundraising platform, delivering value without breaking the bank.
Advanced features
MLM Scripts


Streamlined management of virtual bank accounts with exportable transaction reports and individual E-Statements.
MLM Scripts

E-Pin Generation

Essential for MLM companies, e-pins facilitate product sales and member sign-ups, ensuring secure transactions and comprehensive reporting.
MLM Scripts

SEO-Friendly Coding

Binary tree structure displays commission details and referral IDs, reflecting compensation from downline sales.
MLM Scripts

Mailing System

Internal mail notification system enables user communication and discussions, independent of third-party commenting systems.
MLM Scripts

Donation Process

After registration, users donate the package amount, transfer funds to the upline, and submit payment screenshots for approval, enabling further progress.
MLM Scripts

Rejoin Workflow

Users can rejoin by submitting their profile ID, choosing the same or different packages, and retaining previous details for a 2-level donation.
MLM Scripts

Payment Gateway

Integrated offline payment gateway with customization options available in the readymade MLM crowdfunding script.
MLM Scripts

CMS Management

Full-fledged content management system with drag-and-drop functionality for easy handling of static content and graphics.
MLM Scripts

Membership Management

Varied tree structure, donation panels, and received amounts based on package, offering tailored experiences for users.

Our Just200 Clone Script is integrated with the Recharge MLM plan and now offers advanced features and benefits. We help you to recharge anywhere, any mobile, DTH, or any bill payments instantly. Our Mobile Recharge software works efficiently with advanced features for all major operators. Our team of skilled professionals designed this MLM Software based on your requirements to reach your business to the next level. We receive some bonuses in the Recharge plan based on the selection of MLM type.

We are an MLM Software development company in Chennai that provide many forms of network marketing software with trending ideas and advanced features. We provide 24/7 service to our customers, and in addition, we provide three months of technical support for the MLM website and source code for free.

  • Mobile and DTH Network is user-friendly to clients.
  • Multi-Level marketing industries have introduced a new concept for those customers who want to start their business from anywhere.
  • Admin can manage the bonus of mobile recharge
  • Franchises can recharge others' Mobile and DTH networks through their panel.
  • Payout Statement
  • Genealogy Tree
  • Admin can manage both Mobile and DTH Network API.
  • E-Wallet integration system

For use on any personal, commercial, or client projects.

Domain Usage

Based on your needs you can buy any one type of license from its variants viz., Single Domain, Multi Domain or Multi Domain With Re-seller.

Payment Type

Onetime Payment: – Once you make the full payment, we will provide you with the entire script files. You have to pay nothing thereafter.

Delivery Time

We will forward the Download Link to you Within 24 hrs On Working Days(Monday- Friday) and within 48 hours On Weekends(Saturday -Sunday)

Technical Support

Will provide 3 months technical support for any technical issues

Server Requirements

Apache 2.4.x, PHP 7.0, MySQL:5.7, Javascript, Ajax ,HTML

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